The Most Influential Thing I Read in 2010

>> Friday, January 07, 2011

What, you may ask, is the most influential thing I read - apart from scripture - in 2010?

You may be as surprised as I am at the answer. After giving it considerable thought, it's not a book, a sermon, a famous quote, it's a blog entry from a gentleman that prior to 2010 I didn't even know existed. Rather than sum it, it must be read in Paul Tripp's own words so I've linked to the post below...

The Gracious Rescue of Surprises: "The Gracious Rescue of Surprises" from the Desiring God blog.

This single blog post, which I first read back in September, has stuck with me almost daily. I haven't been able to shake it from my core - nor do I desire to. It may be a simple thought or concept to some who read it, but for me - for me - it uprooted ignorant perceptions and provided clarity into my life like nothing I had recently read apart from scripture itself. I want to be careful not to glorify the thought or the delivery, but I will say firmly that Mr. Tripp's insights have been a much needed spark for my life in 2010 that I hope and pray continues to fuel a renewed purpose and hope in Christ and the God of Jeremiah 29.

The fact of the matter is that God has surprised the Jordans a lot in 2010 and in it we have seen His Grace, His Transformation, His Power, His Kingdom.  I know the surprises can be awkward and painful - you see God's all about transforming us and that's not "the simple life" by any means.

The bottom line is - as Mr. Tripp states - "It is hard to rest in the rulership of the King when our hearts and minds are so preoccupied with the success of our own little kingdoms."

I need the renewal of my mind to be active and constant.
I need to better recognize the sufficiency and supremacy of God's Kingdom.
That renewal and recognition often comes in ways I least expect it - you got it - surprises.

in the middle of transformation,

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