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>> Friday, December 31, 2010

Her groom
Her purpose
Her purpose
Her priority

1. Her groom.

The Church was the one organization that Jesus founded during His 33 years on earth. He set it up to triumph. He set it up to be effective until His Father returned to take us home. The bride will always be alive because Her groom will sustain Her!

2. Her purpose.

The Church’s purpose is to reach the world. That’s it! Our purpose isn’t to stay inside our walls and make each other feel better about doing nothing. Our purpose is GROWTH. The more we accomplish this purpose (through Christ), the healthier the church will get.

3. Her promise.

We are promised that the gates of Hell will NOT prevail. No matter how much of a black eye the Church gets, she will continue to live and thrive. What Jesus has birthed, nothing can destroy!

4. Her priority.

We are the lone instrument in promoting and proclaiming the Word of God. It is a priority that we be busy doing what He created us to do. All of our local churches always say we believe in the Great Commission, but do we operate by the Great Commission or by bylaws or committees? Our priority is reaching the world. Our mission is simple. God has no plan b, the church is His plan for reaching the world. We must make it our priority because we are His.

Ultimately, no matter how many punches are thrown at the Church or how many people that are self proclaimed “members” seek to destroy her, the Church is still the HOPE OF THE WORLD!

4 Reasons the Church is Still Alive | JonathanPearson.net


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